Thursday, December 8, 2011

WebSubmitCriticalError: Unexpected error when retrieving text my computer is running out of batteries but i have to get this through thereCFG_GREINDEX_EXTRACT_TEXT_FROM_DEFAULT = false time

Ed you have to h2010-07-02 12:01:23 -> InvenioWebSubmitFileError: Error when converting from /opt/cds-invenio/var/data/files/g0/13/;1 to .txt: Error in running ('/usr/bin/gs', '-sProcessrunModel=DeviceCYK', '-dD4ED', '-dNOLOOP', '-dNOPAUSE', '-dNOOUTERSAVE', '-dUseCIErun', '-sDEVICE=run', '-sOutputFile=lpme I don't know where I am but there are eyoutput_file.pdf', '', '/opt/cds-invenio/var/tmp/conversionhs24Kv/')the ground is screaming

it was the circle%%parameter IN (filenameset) DO commandi went throuuugh by accident and i ended up here there everywhere there are black leaves and that tree CriticalError: Unexpected Error loop system default 63dab3824 nothing works but hte blog something wants this on here

he wants the loo%%parameter IN (filenameset) DO command loop closed and this is it just giving the ground what it wants

Ed I don't know where I am or where you are. Cutting across the mountains took time.

critical error (444)

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