Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's a sad fact of life that once you get to a certain age, you lose more than you gain. I received word today that an old friend of mine, Marcus Prendergast, died a few weeks ago. It was apparently suicide. I got a letter from his estate today, along with a photo of the two of us at a conference in the United States and a bound collection of my poetry, apparently bequeathed by him to me. The letter enclosed also said that there was an additional package that will be delivered next week. Marcus was a good man, and a clever one; I wish we could have communicated that more often. I hope his soul is where it needs to be.

Yasamin was caught spying on the hiking group. She says they believed that she happened to be taking a walk at the same time as the hike, but I'm not so sure. Nothing suspicious happened. I'm beginning to question my sources. Yasamin wants to talk to 'Jeanne' herself, so I'm paying for her to go down to London. I have the money for it, and I don't want to leave Penny by herself. It's all so very troubling. I'm honestly unsure as to whether I should even be sending her to school-- on top of my suspicions, her behaviour has descended back into the erratic. I'm jus

My apologies, Pen has gone missing, will write mroe later

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