Friday, April 22, 2011


At one point or another, you get to the age where you start to lose the thoughts in your head to the world around you. So I started this blog as a favour to my granddaughter, who made me promise I'd keep my thoughts somewhere safe, or at least relatively safe in comparison to my actual head. I figured that one of these blog things would be as good a place as any to send my ramblings. The girl who comes by to look after my cats helped me set all this up. Not so good with computers, myself, what with me being a very old man, who hasn't aged as well as he could in any case.

I suppose in the end my thoughts end up being along the lines of rambling paths, leading up to a briar rose patch; too tangled and too long and maybe too old as well, and ending up in odd unpleasant places.. Mostly I'll be musing on religion and philosophy, as I am an old windbag and a retired reverend, but there'll also be nonsense about nonsense rhymes and puns. I have a bit of a weakness for puns.

In 2000 we moved to the small apartment I currently live in, in London. It was mostly to by nearer my kids, and my grandkids, but I'm thinking about looking for a place in the country since that's no longer so much of a concern. My mobility is getting to be a bit of a problem, but some fresh country air will probably do me, and my granddaughter, good. And I'd definitely appreciate being out of London, what with the crime rates and all. Finances should be less of a issue, or at least I'd hope so, since I've been saving money from my teaching of Latin and Hebrew to some of the students who go to the schools in this area. I used to teach piano, but that's become more difficult lately. And, of course, with the depression my savings have been a little wobbly, but not so much it's painful.

And that's about it. Some rambling, odd musing, and lots of puns. I hope you can put up with it all!

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